Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Google it!

I had a phone call from my mom today. She called because she wanted to know how to spell check in her hotmail email account by right clicking. The only problem is that she was on her new mac lap top and she doesn't have a "right" clicker. This puzzled me too because I'm not very familiar with the keyboard commands myself so I didn't know what to tell her. Then inspiration struck!

"Mom, just google it."

"Well, how to I do that??"

I have failed in training my mother completely in the wonders of the internet! Especially for a writer. Google is the best feature ever invented online! The power of a dictionary right at your finger tips!! And I have not shown my mother how to spell check via google!!?

I will have to remedy this immediately. I told her the next time I come to visit I'll enlighten her on the powers of google. She will love it and use it often I'm sure. But until then I'm afraid she'll be calling me every time she needs to spell check. Or she did mention that she would have to keep the dictionary next to the computer. Now that is a funny image to think on!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writing in the Church

I didn't mean to get off on a tangent this evening while I was researching for an upcoming talk in church, but I found this wonderful article and I just had to share it. (And to keep it in mind as I write too. I reminder and a compass to what creative writing is all about.)

I know this is a short entry for today, but really everything that I feel and am inspired by is in the article. It's a great read! Take a load off and spend some time soaking it up. It really has some great encouragement for creative writers.

Creative Writing in the Church: A Challenge to Young Writers by Bruce B. Clark.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Changing Genres

This year I made a goal to participate in a local book club that I've been sort of off and on membered in for the last 3 years. Since I've been doing better at keeping up with the books the last few months I've been really glad that I have taken up this personal challenge. I don't think I would have picked up the books I have if I hadn't taken this challenge. It's great exposure. I'm too easily drawn to the fantasy and science fiction genre. The thing is there are lots of great books. Not all are fantasy or scifi. I'm enjoying reading things I normally wouldn't pick up at all. I never envisioned myself being interested in other books like this.

Eventually some day I want to say that I've read more classics. Next month we are reading one of them and I have to say I'm embarrassed that I haven't read more of them. In reality only a handful. I don't know how I got through high school having not read more of them. I know I read the ones I was supposed to read, for tests and stuff but I didn't try to read any others. *tsk, tsk*

We just read "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson. It was quick but wow, had great insight. I think I'm going to try and make it a goal to read that one at least once a year just for a refresher. There are so many applications for the information in that book.

I'm just really thankful for all the exposure I'm getting from other books via this book club. Makes me rethink picking up other ones that I may normally pass by.