Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little bits:

The conference was a great success! Almost 100 people came! Can you believe that? If we keep getting more and more people every year we are going to have to get a bigger place to have it at. Which is too bad because the school we have it at is a fun place, it is a place where many have attended and are familiar with.

But change is good. We'll see how things go for next year.

Yep, I was dang nervous. Things went. I'm not sure how well, but I didn't have a total meltdown moment so that is good. It was very intimidating being in front of so many people and being in charge. I know it seems trivial. But this is the biggest leadership position I've held since my first years in College. After having kids and going through PPD with both of them, confidence is a little on the low side for me. SO my goal for next year is to have more of that. YAY! There are things that I'd definitely do better so now I've got a bit of experience to fall back on. Next year will be better. Looking forward to that!

I have notes to share, I missed one of the presenters... which happens... but I'll share the stuff that I found the most uplifting in future posts.

Personal Writing Goals for this month:
Write two pages on my story and briefly edit them.

I know this is a small goal, it is, and I'm okay with that. I'm a busy mom to boys, a 5.5 year old and a almost 2 year old. Some evenings I have meetings with various activities and then spending time with my DH too. I think that two pages is a modest goal that I can reach. Start small, miss small! And then if I feel that it is too low, I can always do more next month! The point is to do something because just saying I'm going to write just isn't good enough. A have to have some sort of way to gear that. So this is my way.