Monday, March 2, 2009

Nerves of noodles

We are just a few days away from having the ANWA Conference and things are getting exciting. (And I'm getting nervous too, I have to admit that.) But I've got a buzz of excitement on the side.

So far it looks like we are going to have a very healthy turn out. I don't know the numbers of what we have had in the past, but the prediction is around 80 people? And that is fabulous! It's great to see so much interest and following for our conferences.

So why am I nervous?

Well, speaking in front of people isn't my strong point. I'd be less nervous if I'd say been teaching in a church calling where I had to be in front of people often. But as it is I haven't, not complaining, just a fact. I mean I did have a talk in church two weeks ago. I tried to keep in mind when I was preparing the talk that talking in church will be like hosting at the conference except a few less people, so the conference should be a breeze right? Of course, talking at church is a bit more short lived. 15 to 20 minutes and then your done. I'm the host at the conference! It won't be "Hi, thanks for coming... enjoy your day?" Or maybe it is that simple? *flutter*

So tell my nerves it won't be a big deal? I'm anxious about it. About just being a total goof ball and saying something dumb. Or worse forgetting to thank someone that's helped out or one of the presenters... or just anything out there. I guess the only way to get over it is to do it. But until then I'll probably be just anxious about it. No denying that.

It's weird being both excited and anxious about the conference though. I can guarantee that when I go to LDStorymakers Conference in April that I'll be paying special attention to all the people directing the thing for tips. Since I'll be doing this again next year, and I'll hardly be a pro by then either.

Course, we are always our own worst critic right? So I'm sure I'll be more hard on myself than everyone else will be on me. I'll I have to do is keep it together and not freak out.

Simple enough right?


PS. What is up with blogspot today? I can't add a subject line? The field is missing??

*edit* Yeah, there is nothing wrong with blogspot today and their subject/title option. But there is something wrong with my brain. Somehow I turned off my title option. *DOH*


Sarah M Eden said...

I vote for the "Being a total goofball" thing. That sounds like just the kind of conference I could really get into!

A. Morgan said...

LOL! Maybe I needed to hear that!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Holy cow, your template is so pretty, can I just say that? I love purple and the whole misty Celtic thing ... sigh ...

A. Morgan said...

Thank you Tristi! There are a few things I wish I could change but I've got to figure out how to do it first. eheh