Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Confessions of a amateur writer:

I have a love hate relationship with writing.

Yes that is right, I fully admit and confess I sometimes want to pull my hair out at the ends because what I've written sounds so awful...

Then again there are days when it is SO exciting I can't stop and everything is flowing great and I'm so passionate about getting it all down, and it sounds so good...

Yes, I am very conflicted.

You would think I'd just throw in the towel and realize the love hate relationship is so twisted. But do I?

Just when I'm sure I will throw in the towel forever, I have one of those really awesome writing days.

See where this is going?

Now I understand what it means to be considered insane. It is also why I finally broke down and bought one of those shirts that says "The voices won't let me stop writing." It's absolutely true! I will wear that shirt as a badge of my insanity.

Now I know what you are thinking, "what kind of a writing day is she having today?"


Sarah M Eden said...

My 6-year-old told her teacher that her Mom "talks to the voices in her head." Yep, being a writer is a form of insanity. Enjoy!!

Valerie Ipson said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

If you are interested, I'd like to read you.

A. Morgan said...

bauejb01 -
I would love to have someone review what I'm working on, if it was at a point where I could have a reviewer work on it. In all honesty I have been working for the last 4 months straight on one story but it is no where near ready for serious consideration. I have like 8 chapters and it's what I'd call "SPEW STAGE." Which basically means its raw, unedited, just getting-it-on-the-paper-so-I-can-have-something-to-edit stage. I have tons of ideas, but my biggest hang up until 4 months ago is that I had tons of ideas but nothing in story format. Just lots and lots of notes, and character and plot summaries.

I know it's pretty pathetic. But you have to start somewhere right? I thought I was a writer until I actually dedicated my time to writing and realized "holy crap" I know practically nothing. It's been a ride. I literally feel I'm starting from the bottom up although I've got tons of ideas and plots written out. And then add family to the mix, and my writing quota takes a nose dive. (Hehehe)

I would be interested in taking you up on your offer maybe a year from now when I have a more complete manuscript. Especially one I'm more confident in sharing. (Right now just really close friends read and help edit.) But I'll keep an eye on your website and see how your process goes. If you are still around and building a client base, I'll be in the market for a reviewer.

You say you are more into poetry. Is that the same with reviewing as well? I want to be sure I have a good fit for a reader/editor/reviewer. I write fantasy and science fiction. Hopeful novels. 80 to 100 K + words.

Anonymous said...

Ello A. Morgan. I don't want to leave a long long comment on your blog but I will just say this. I am more than willing to just strike up a friendly writer's group type thing with you and your manuscript until you feel if is ready for actual review and editing to help you along and my focus in school is namely poetry but independently I have read almost all genres and have no problem reviewing or editing any of them. You want to be much more careful when selecting an agent to market your work but as far as reviewing I would work just fine. If you want to chat feel free to pull my personal Email off the website and drop me a line. Thanks for the reply!