Thursday, February 13, 2014

Merry Go Round

I had plenty of ideas on what I wanted to do with this blog and I’ve failed on all of them. DOH! So rather than just say great things about what I want to do with it, lets just say I have ideas but because I’m busy with kids and life I haven’t been implementing them.

I’ll get around to writing good stuff at some point. Today I gave some advice to a young student about how to create a presence online. I said be consistently putting stuff out there. And I am going to use my own advice and put something on my blog. (And the next thing I was ABOUT to say was consistently.) I’m gonna catch myself before I say that though, I know that the best intensions are there but not the habits.

SO I will post a blog that says… I’M AT LTUE 2014. If you see me walking around, come say hi! I’m all by myself usually. I come here to be lifted up by all the awesome that is in one room. Or under one Hotel. This place bleeds talent and some really talented people come here yearly to give us all a boost. Which is why I come back year after year. It’s my fill my cup weekend.

Anyhow, I’ve been going to this conference for 5 years! This is my 5th year. Oh my goodness… I can’t believe I’ve been this many times. I’m really gonna need to explain to myself WHY I haven’t gotten anything published yet.

I’m really empty right now. And yet as I say that, I’m here at LTUE trying to fill it. And there are many online friends giving me words of encouragement that are also filling my cup up too.

Being creative is fueled by filling that cup for me. And it’s not all by the stuff others do to fill it. Sometimes it’s just finding a quiet corner in my house to sit and gaze at the clouds as they go lazily by. Sometimes it's getting hugs from my boys, cause they give really great hugs.