Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mormon Artist Magazine

Why am I just NOW finding out about this resource??

Holy COW! Where has this been all my life! And then on top of that why hasn't this gotten out there more? Why haven't more of the people in my circles mentioned this and how cool it is?

And when will they be putting out another issue because I'm SO THERE!

OKAY, okay... backing up here and taking a breath! WOW. Um... I'm really excited to say that I found this, but I'm kinda sad because nothing has come out for months. And I'm honestly interested in what this project and magazine are doing.

And I'm blogging about it so you can find out about this too! Click the link, check it. If you are interested, as well as myself, they have free digital downloads. But I'm honestly thinking about purchasing a hard copy of this magazine. Cause WOW, I'm in for supporting causes I believe in. And this is something I think I can get behind!